Teaching program during the winter semester

Fundamentals of fluid energy machines

Lecture No. 135 030 (Bachelor-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare


Simulation of flow in turbomachinery

Lecture No. 137 360 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. David Engelmann


Teaching program during the summer semester


Lecture No. 136 090 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare

Numerical gas dynamics for propulsion and energy systems

Lecture No. 138 020 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare

Computer simulation of fluid flows

Lecture No. 138 500 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. David Engelmann

Steam turbines

Lecture No. 138 180 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Thiemann (Siemens Energy)

Machines for the energy turnaround

Lecture No. 138980 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Polklas (MAN)

Further courses

You can download the brochure for the Master's specialization in Fluid Machinery at the following link:


In regular intervals student seminar lectures take place at the chair to which you are cordially invited.

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