Dear students, 

We are pleased to welcome you back in presence in this SoSe 2022 at the RUB. As you know, at the moment the Corona numbers are still rather worrying. For your and our protection, we would like to ask you to always wear an FFP2 Respiratory Protection Mask in the seminar rooms. In order to create more pleasant conditions, we are considering splitting the students into 2 groups, if possible, which will take turns in attending the events, so that we can also ensure appropriate distance in the room. We will publish information about this on Moodle.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Teaching program during the winter semester

Fundamentals of fluid energy machines

Lecture No. 135 030 (Bachelor-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare


Simulation of flow in turbomachinery

Lecture No. 137 360 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. David Engelmann


Teaching program during the summer semester


Lecture No. 136 090 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare

Numerical gas dynamics for propulsion and energy systems

Lecture No. 138 020 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr. Francesca di Mare

Computer simulation of fluid flows

Lecture No. 138 500 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. David Engelmann

Design of engine compressors

Lecture No. 136 170 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reihard Mönig (DLR)

Steam turbines

Lecture No. 138 180 (Master-course)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Thiemann (Siemens Energy)

Machines for the energy turnaround

Lecture No. 138980 (Master-course)
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Polklas (MAN)

Aero engine concepts

Lecture No. 138 120 (Bachelor-course)
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Döpelheuer (DLR)

Further courses

Mechanical fundamentals of fluid machinery


You can download the brochure for the Master's specialization in Fluid Machinery at the following link:


In regular intervals student seminar lectures take place at the chair to which you are cordially invited.

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