The Chair of Thermal Turbomachinery and Aero Engines is working on several projects, which are mainly financed by public funding programs (DFG, BMWi, MERCUR), but also in cooperation with different industrial partners.
In the following, you will find an overview of the projects currently being worked on at the chair as well as those already completed.


Collaborative Research Centers

SFB/TRR 287 "BULK-REACTION" - Reacting and moving granular assemblies with gas flow


Current publicly funded research projects:
  • Robust turbomachinery for flexible use;
    Subproject 4.7: "Hybrid and LES methods for the calculation of transient inhomogeneous flows in gas turbines" (Roboflex 4.7)
  • Blade aeroelasticity in transient operation of expansion turbines
    Work package 1.2: "Fluid-structure interactions under variable operating conditions" (SchauTex)
  • SFB/Transregio 129 "OXYFLAME - Development of methods and models to describe the reaction of solid fuels in an oxy-fuel atmosphere"
  • SFB/Transregio 287 "BULK-REACTION - Gas-flowed, moving debris with chemical reaction"
  • "Influence of periodic wakes on near-wall unsteady flow in axial turbine ring grids" (PAK948)
  • Experimental analysis of the flow in a generic extraction module (MERCUR)
Completed publicly funded research projects:
  • "Advanced numerical and experimental investigations of modern aerodynamic components of a radial expander stage" - Part B (ECOFLEX-turbo 4.2.7B).
  • Cryogenic air energy storage (KRYOLENS)
  • Decentralized gas turbine plants for fast reserves in combination with renewable energy conversion - validation of technologies, Subproject: "Influence of hot gas streaks on turbine discharge" (Green Belt)
  • Decentralized gas turbine systems for fast reserves in combination with renewable energy generation - "Optimization of flow guiding components" (Green Earth)
  • "Development of innovative measurement technology for flow analysis in steam turbines" (COOREFLEX-turbo 4.1.10C)
  • "Analysis of fluid-structure interactions for the prediction of blade vibrations" (COOREFLEX-turbo 4.1.8)
  • "Numerical investigations of the aeroelastic behavior of a highly loaded fan" (Fan Tip).
  • "Optimized extraction/addition steam modules in compressor drives" (COORETEC-turbo 4.2.3)
  • "Expansion optimization in a compressor drive model turbine" (COORETEC-turbo 4.2.4A)
  • "Expansion optimization in a compressor drive model turbine" (COORETEC-turbo 4.2.4B)


  • "Instationäre Strömung und Fluid-Struktur-Interaktionen in voll- und teilbeaufschlagten Turbinen" (ISIVUTT)
  • "Instationäre Sekundärströmungen in Axialturbinen" (PAK 530)

Land NRW und Land NRW/EU (Ziel2.NRW):
  • "Unsteady flow and fluid-structure interactions in fully and partially pressurized turbines"
  • "Unsteady Secondary Flows in Axial-Powered Turbines". (KONTEST)
  • "Development and construction of a test rig for the investigation of flow phenomena in flow mixing/separation in turbomachinery."
Industrial projects:

We would like to thank our industry partners for the good cooperation:

  • Düchting Pumpen
  • Klaus Union
  • Lausitzer Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG)
  • Linde AG
  • MAN Energy Solutions
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH
  • RWE Power AG
  • Siemens Energy
  • Uniper Technologies GmbH
  • Wilo