Power Engineering Lab WiSe 2021/22

The chairs of Energy Systems and Energy Economics (EE), Energy Systems and Energy Process Technology (LEAT), Thermal Turbomachinery and Aero Engines (TTF), Internal Combustion Engines (LVM) and Hydraulic Fluid Machinery (HSM) offer a specialized laboratory for students in the master's program in mechanical engineering in the winter semester. Here, interesting and innovative techniques of the energy sector are taught by means of the following experiments:

  • Function and possible applications of a gas engine driven combined heat and power plant (CHP)
  • Characteristic diagram determination on a centrifugal compressor stage (TTF)
  • Flow measurement with laser Doppler anemometry (LEAT)
  • Measurement of pressure distribution at NACA profile (HSM)
  • Measurement of flow coefficients using a flow bench (LVM)

Interested students in the Master Mechanical Engineering please register via FlexNow until October 13, 2021 for the Energy Engineering Lab. In addition, students majoring in Energy and Process Engineering have the option to participate in the Process Engineering lab as an alternative.

The technical lab starts on October 25, 2021.

All information about the course of the subject lab as an online event during the COVID19 restrictions is available in Moodle (course no. 138830 or 139403).

The course will be open password-free from September 20 until October 17, 2021.


Contact person for the organization is Dr. Engelmann (Chair TTF)