Exam dates Summer 2024 (Bachelor or Master)

Steam turbines for current and future energy systems (Master, Thiemann)


Computer simulation of fluid flows (Master)

Thursday, 29.08.2024
HIA, HIB, HID, from 10:30 am (2 hours)

(The allocation to the lecture halls will be announced later.)

Numerical Methods for Internal Aerodynamics (Master)

Tuesday, 20.08.2024
IC E2-156/90, from 11:00 am (2 hours)

Machines for the energy transition (Master, Polklas)

Friday, 23.08.2024
IC E2-156/90, from 10:00 Uhr (1 hour)

Fundamentals of Fluid Energy Machines (Bachelor)

Wednesday, 04.09.2024
CIP-Pool 1+2+3, from 11:30 am

(The allocation to the rooms will be announced later)

Simulation of flow in turbomachinery (Master)

Friday, 06.09.2024
HZO 70, from 10:30 am (2 hours)

Turbomachinery (Master)

Friday, 20.09.2024
CIP-Pool 1, from 11:30 am (2 hours)


Admitted for all exams:
Writing utensils (document-proof), drawing instruments, non-programmable calculators.

Not permitted for all exams:
Lecture and exercise material, technical literature, laptop, cell phone, camera.

Formulary and writing paper will be handed out.

Please do not forget your student ID!

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