The research activities at the Chair of Thermal Turbomachinery and Aero Engines focus on axial and radial turbocompressors and turbines. The focus is on both numerical and experimental investigations of three-dimensional, unsteady flow.
For the numerical flow simulation (CFD), highly efficient computational methods developed at the chair are used, which are continuously extended and thus allow a comprehensive description of the relevant flow phenomena. The hardware basis for this is the chair's own high-performance cluster (HPC), which is equipped with over 1,000 CPU cores of the latest generation.
For experimental investigations, several centrifugal compressors, multistage axial compressors of different drive power as well as one radial and two axial turbines are available in the test field of the chair. In addition to conventional and time-resolved pressure and velocity measurement techniques (5LS, HWA, etc.), laser-optical measurement techniques (PIV) are also used, which enable a two-dimensional measurement of the respective flow field.

The staff structure at the Chair of Thermal Turbomachinery and Aero Engines is divided into the following three research groups:

Numerical methods


Numerical application


Test field and measurement technology



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